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Interior Designing trends which will make you transform your home space

Happy and excited to move into your new house? Yes,Confused on deciding the interior designing styles for your home sweet home.Don’t you worry Here are the coolest and royal interior design styles for your new house which you itself can curate at your Rivali Park’s luxurious and spacious homes. From selecting the color palette to all the designing artifacts ideas. Come have a look at our luxury and most spacious carpet area apartments in Borivali east near WEH and become the interior designer of your own house with different trendy interior designing styles. Here are the following Style ideas you can select to design your home sweet home.



Rustic decor is all about aesthetic designs which showcase the beauty of natural materials (wooden artifacts and touches of stone and clay), rough, aged and casual styles. This versatile design style can work in just about any interior from the bathroom to a living room.
You can design your dream luxury home with Rustic style by giving a wood accent and neutral color scheme in modern rustic design by keeping it natural with cozy textiles and adding modern Antiques with comfortable furnishing.

2. Modern Styles

Modern style is very well described in one word as sleek. It implies a sense of simplicity in all the elements. It is an idyllic classic design style which includes a simple colour palette with the touch of glass, steel and metal. It simply means stepping away from traditional style and curating modern country with more playful and nuanced aspects along with minimal notes and less use of furniture. Simplicity and elegance with the royal touch to your house giving a major feel of its good to be home.

3.Traditional Style

The traditional style offers a combination of comfortable furniture, classic designs and casual décor. Finished goods and rich colour palette with ornate details in furnishing. This style gives the elderly person a homegrown feeling with the twist, as Rivali Park’s luxury homes are situated a few minutes away from the soothing nature and lifestyle of SGNP. This style is the perfect blend with the surrounding.The traditional style may have curves and designs, but it is not extremely ostentatious. When it comes to interior design styles, almost everything is rooted in traditional interior design ideas, and for good reason.

4.Hollywood Style

Hollywood style or Hollywood Regency is the style of Glam as it sounds like: a décor that tends to be luxurious over the top. It’s a dramatic design style, perfect for a homeowner who enjoys making statements. The colour palettes used are particular Bold, Vibrant and Dark with metallic and glass accents meant to signify both grandeur and comfort in the voluminous area of RivaliPark. Royal Furniture with bold colors and
bright lighting giving the comfort and glamorous feeling of a sweet home.

5.Bohemian style

Bohemian style is the hot and trending style which can influence anyone and everyone with its carefree lifestyle with little rules, except to follow your heart’s desire. This style is inspired by the people who choose to lead an unconventional life such as constant travellers, writers and actors. The most common thing is to spot floor pillows and comfortable seating spaces with vintage furniture, layered textures and light fixtures with natural finishes. The presence of greenery is uplifting and offers the connection with nature in this style. Decorate your living room or balcony with an indoor hammock or hanging chair along with handmade artifacts. You can design your cozy corners with the blend of multiple colors with the soft touch of vintage and modern furnitures. This is the must have interior style in the spacious and luxury apartments at RivaliPark, Borivali as the surrounding goes well with this Boho style.

6.Minimalist Style

Minimalist style is the sober and elegant interior design style. It is based on a sense of functionality and ultra clean lines. Colour palette is neutral and airy. Furniture is a simple and fine line with elegant decor pieces. It is the combination of not more than 2 colors with the use of different geometric shapes. Minimalist style follows

    • clearing the surface of clutter
    • Creating the Neutral base
    • Choosing quality over quantity
    • Using different textures in Similar Tones
    • Live by the one in one out philosophy
    • Using stylish storage
    • Decent Accessorize
    • Using Natural Light
    • Keeping it simple

7. Transitional style

Transitional style is the style which is borrowed from Traditional and Modern style. It is the blend of Traditional style with contemporary furniture, materials and fabric equating to a classic, timeless design. As it leans more on contemporary design, the look and feel are more perfect and relaxed. This style includes neutral colour palettes with the strong balance of warm and cool tones that manage to look stylish and inviting. This style is helpful when you are blending two different interior styles. The furniture used is simple yet sophisticated featuring straight lines. This can be the style which combines the thought of both the younger ones and elder ones and can be the perfect fit for your
new house.

Above are a few interior design styles which might help you to design your own house. Be your own interior designer this year with Rivali Park’s luxury and spacious homes in Borivali (E). Add your comment and let us know which style you would like to use for your home sweet home.

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